Playstation 4 Charger Kit, PS4 Dual USB Charging Charger Dock Station Stand for PS4 Controller

PS4 Charger comes with operation indicator in blue color. It lights up when it is connected to power (via USB cable) easy to locate the charger even it is dark in your room. There are two LED charging status indicators on the top of the charging dock. The one on left shows the charging status for the front controller on the station and the right one indicates the back controller on the dock.

The operation indicator (Blue) lights up whenever it is connected to power
TWO Independent LED charging status indicators to show the charging status of each controller

Package content
PS4 Dual Charging dock X 1 PLUS USB cable X 1PS4 Charger to charge up to TWO wireless controllers with LED power indicator
PS4 Charging station with charging status indicator (Red is charging in progress, Green is fully charged)
Simply hook the controllers onto PS4 dual Controller charger, it powers up to 2 controllers at the same time
It is designed for Sony Playstation 4 – PS4
PS4 Charger Station comes with a chargind dock PLUS an USB cable
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Price: $10.90

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