[Newest Version] Keten Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim / PS4 with Cooling Fan 2 in 1 Controller Charging Station/ Game Storage 3 Port USB Hub – An All-In-One Area for All Your Gaming Needs


1. All-in-one Design: PS4 Vertical Stand+ Cooler+ Dualshock Charging Station+ Game Storage + USB HUB+ Controller Thumb Grips.

2. Multifunctional 3 port USB Hub allows you to charge mouse, keyboard, phones, tablets and other USB devices without using another wall plug for a dedicated charger.

3. USB Hub can also support headsets that use a wireless receiver, no longer have to put the reciver straight into your Playstation.

4. The controllers are easy to place in the charging docks the same way they do with the freestanding charging units. Just allows a controller to charge at all times while using the other to play with, switching out as needed.

5. You also get 10 stick thumb grips for the controllers, which are of different shaped pairs.

6. Simple Plug And Play, No Power Cable. Hit the power button after connected and you are ready to go. Happy gaming!

Package List:
1x PS4 / PS4 Slim Vertical Stand
1x PS4 Slim Adapter
10x Controller Stick Thumb Grips
2X Anti-slip Cover

Simple Setup: Just place your PS4 in the stand and connect the built in cable. This little USB cable powers everything. The hub and the fans will have power along with the charge slots.
Dual Controller Charging Docks: The stand has two fitted slots for storing and charging your controllers. Just put your controller into the stand after a playing session, and the it will be fully charged the next time you pick it up.
Whisper Quiet Fans: Keep your PlayStation 4 / Slim Console from overheating during long continuous gaming sessions.
Add-on Game Disc Segments: Features up to 14 slots to hold the game cases in an upright position and 2 non-slip covers to keep your console steady.
Succinct Appearance: Simply fold open the casing and the segments for the games, controllers, and system to live in. This stand does a good job at eliminating cables, there is no need for an external cable running into an outlet. The stand has been upgraded to be compatible with both PS4 and PS4 slim recently, older version only fits for PS4, if few of the older version stand is received, please feel free to contact us for a replacement. We will arrage a replacement for you ASAP.

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Price: $49.99

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