HIDEit PS4 Wall Mount + (2) Controller Mount (Bundle) | Made in the USA

Sony’s PlayStation 4 comes with a sleek, two tone design. Our mounts give your PS4 & controllers an amazing free floating look. Our HIDEit 4 design uses the center channel of the PS4 to secure your game console to the wall. Wall mounting keeps your console and controllers safe from potential accidents: from spills, to small children, to pets your console is mounted out of the way! As with all our Gaming Mounts, our design does not obstruct ventilation. For durability we use powder-coated 16-gauge steel in this bundle. These mounts are built to last. Happy Gaming!

PS4 & Controllers are sold separately

• Openings allow full access to power port, digital out port, and all vents.
• Made in the USA from Recycled & Imported Steel 16-gauge steel.
• Uni-C hook shaped design holds nearly any controller
• Powder-coat finish prevents rust & won’t chip.
• Includes Drywall screws and anchors rated for 25lbs. Stud mounting is optional.INNOVATIVE DESIGN. Sony pulled out all the stops with the PS4, and with such a aesthetically pleasing console, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to show it off. Our Patented design HIDEit 4B utilizes the center channel of the console to secure the device to the wall. This gives your PS4 an amazing free floating look while keeping full access to ports and leaving all vents unobstructed.
PROTECT FROM ACCIDENTS. MAINTAIN VENTILATION. You love your PlayStation. And, you paid good money for it! So get the right mount for it so it’s properly protected! Our mount prevents damage from spills and falls by keeping your PS4 secure to the wall and out of danger! We are sure to not block any intake or out-take vents so your system stays cool!
SPACE SAVING ORGANIZATION FOR YOUR GAMING AREA. The HIDEit 4B Wall Mount allows you to mount your PlayStation behind a wall mounted TV or DISPLAYit on the wall beside your TV. Your TV deserves a wall mount and so does your PS4 + Controllers! A media cabinet or shelf just doesn’t do your system justice…our mount was made for your PlayStation. Literally.
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. The Playstation controllers DO NOT require line of sight to function, so you can feel free to HIDEit behind your TV without fear of losing remote function. Our controller mounts will work universally with a wide variety of systems, however the HIDEit 4 Black is only compatible with the PlayStation 4; all other PlayStation systems such as the 4 Pro, or 4 Slim are not compatible although we do offer mounts for those models as well.
WHY CHOOSE HIDEit MOUNTS? HIDEit is a total solution to vertically wall mount your electronic components and video game consoles. Privately held, we’ve been trusted by thousands since 2009. HIDEit Mounts are made in the USA from powder-coated, 16-gauge Steel in an ISO Certified shop. HIDEit Mounts won’t chip and are built to last.

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Price: $49.98

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