Charge & Display Station for PlayStation VR

The Charge & Display Station is the official solution for safely displaying the PlayStation VR Headset and accessories without tucking them away. Licensed by Sony and designed by PowerA, it offers a secure solution for displaying your PlayStation VR Headset in all its glory, while charging a DUALSHOCK 4 Controller and 2 PlayStation Move Controllers simultaneously. You’ve spent hard-earned money on these magnificent adult toys – keep them powered up, off the ground, and away from handsy kids or pets.Officially licensed by Sony for PlayStation VR
Designed with the help of PlayStation’s own VR team, to safely secure the PS VR Headset and display it proudly
Charges 1 DUALSHOCK 4 Controller and 2 PlayStation Move Motion Controllers
The PlayStation logo is your assurance of greatness
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Price: $38.67

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