Star Wars Edge Of Empire: Dangerous Covenants

FFGSWE08 Dangerous Covenants Star Wars Edge Of The Empire Role Playing Game Fantasy Flight Games

Dangerous Covenants, a supplement for the Star Wars Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game, features new content for the Hired Gun career. Hired Guns will find all-new specializations, talents, and signature abilities, while all players will benefit from new character, vehicle, and equipment options. Dangerous Covenants also provides tools for making stronger and more diversified characters. Meanwhile, GMs gain tools to help them add meaningful combat encounters to their campaigns. Always shoot first with Dangerous Covenants!Includes new Hired Gun specializations such as the Enforcer and Demolitionist
Features new options for backgrounds, Obligations and Motivations, based on the theme of cinematic combat
Introduces new equipment options useful to all players, such as new weapons, vehicles and more
A powerful tool for GMs to use in crafting campaigns with a combat theme and how to organize exciting combat-focused encounters and adventures

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Price: $26.95

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