WWE 2K18 on Switch Will Be the First WWE Game on a Nintendo Console in 5 Years

Whatever one’s opinion of wrestling may be, there’s no denying the popularity of the WWE – and this holds true for the company’s lineup of licensed video games. Every year a brand new title in the series is released by publisher 2K Games with the hopes of once again capturing the attention and hard-earned dollars of dedicated wrestling aficionados, or at least that held true for everyone but Nintendo fans who’ve been left without an official WWE game for five years now. Fortunately for newfound Nintendo Switch owners, it appears that WWE 2K18 will break that trend.

2K Games, Nintendo, and WWE Superstar/cover athlete Seth Rollins teamed up to create a brief video confirming that WWE 2K18 will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch on October 17, 2017. Truth be told, the video is nothing all that fancy, but it was able to get the platform-specific message across clearly – albeit without showcasing any gameplay of the title running on the system.

There are quite a few updates being made to WWE 2K18 when compared to last year’s iteration, with the ability to have up to eight Superstars in the ring at once, a greater variety of backstage fighting areas, and more all confirmed to be part of the Switch installment. On top of it being a homecoming of sorts for Nintendo fans, it also marks the first time in six years that there’s been a WWE title released for a portable system.

2K Games also took the time to reconfirm that fans can preorder WWE 2K18 on Nintendo Switch to secure Kurt Angle as a bonus. This would seem to indicate that DLC will be on the table for the Switch version of the game as well, although specifics for such an post-launch endeavor across PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is currently unconfirmed.

WWE 2K18 arrives for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 17, 2017.

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