SNES Classic Briefly Appears for Lower Price, Sells Out Again

Nintendo’s recent history with supply and demand has left a lot to be desired, and it appears that the SNES Classic is headed down the same path its predecessor, the NES Classic, and the Switch have before it. Despite promises that the SNES Classic will have significantly more supply than the NES Classic did, its initial ordering pattern appears to tell a different story – in the few instances the device has been available online, chiefly through Amazon’s UK website, it has sold out quickly. That, coupled with the fact that the SNES Classic‘s price of £79.99, has incited worry in a fanbase that just wants to get its hands on an iconic piece of gaming history reborn.

The latest development in the SNES Classic, then, was something of a double-edged sword. The console was restocked on Amazon UK briefly today before selling out in under 20 minutes, but noticeably the device’s price point had shifted – the SNES Classic was restocked at £69.99, a sizeable savings from the initial preorder price it had been launched at.

Although it’s tempting to look at the evidence from the past few days as a clear sign the SNES Classic will be under-produced, there are some encouraging signs from this morning’s restock. First, the fact that the console was being restocked at all seems to indicate that allocation of the SNES Classic is still being sorted out, which should mean more online retailers will have chances to sell it as well in the coming days. Second, the adjustment of the price down instead of up is hardly one that retailers would make if the SNES Classic was going to be scarce.

Unfortunately, since Nintendo’s initial statement regarding the production run of the SNES Classic, the company has been characteristically mysterious about the console’s preordering availability. The SNES Classic is full of improvements on the NES Classic’s blueprint, but the only major change fans are likely looking for is one to the console’s quantity rather than quality – the latter will be buoyed by the device’s incredible games lineup, while the former is entirely up to Nintendo and out of consumers’ hands.

The SNES Classic is slated to release on September 29, 2017.

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