Rainbow Six Siege Trailer Details Blood Orchid’s Three Operators

Even though Rainbow Six Siege wasn’t able to exactly follow its Year 2 Roadmap, Operation Health was put in place to help the game’s quality of life by identifying and ultimately fixing as many known issues as possible. With a massive update getting ready to launch alongside the upcoming expansion Blood Orchid, many players have begun to wonder what the three new operators are bringing to the table. After a few leaks hit the Internet over the past couple of weeks, Ubisoft has finally revealed all of the details on the new characters Lesion, Ying, and Ela.

The latest trailer for Rainbow Six Siege gives players a longer look at the three new operators joining the sizable roster with Blood Orchid. While the Hong Kong operators, Lesion and Ying, have been detailed in prior updates, the trailer introduces their unique gadgets and how they can be used to take down their enemies. Ying is the lone attacking operator in this update, and she brings three candela devices with her that are remote detonated flash bang cameras. They can be thrown, cooked for specifically timed explosions, or placed on a destructible surface and detonated on the other side of the wall.

Lesion, on the other hand, is a defender class that utilizes throwable Gu mines. Once stuck to the floor, these electronic mines pack a punch after being triggered by an enemy. Not only do they visually distort the enemy’s vision, but they also apply a damaging poison effect as well. Attackers can either choose to take the damage, or follow an on screen prompt to remove the needle at the cost of becoming vulnerable through the process. Lesion is also the first operator to gain more devices over time during a match, as a cooldown timer grants him more up to a maximum of seven in total.

The final addition, Polish GROM operator Ela Bosak, is another defender type that brings specialized Grzmot mines to the battlefield. These devices are essentially proximity concussion mines that can be stuck to floors, walls, and ceilings. Once triggered, the enemy player won’t take any damage, but they will be stunned by a loss of hearing and vision for a short time.  With a higher than average speed, Ubisoft pegs her as the anti-roamer class, capable of quickly closing the gap when one of her enemies remotely detonates one of her mines.

According to Ubisoft, Operation Blood Orchid represents the largest update ever put together by the studio. In addition to the new content, the update features over 1000 fixes from general bugs, to lighting, and optimization thanks to the work done over the past three months in Operation Health. Resolution and UI have also been improved, and many operator specific fixes are included as well, including the gadget architecture issue with Hibana’s X-KAIROS Launcher. Players will finally get these fixes and more when Blood Orchid arrives on the testing server on August 29 followed by a public release a week later on September 5.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft – YouTube

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