Pokemon GO Spoofers Getting New Warnings from Game

One of the most common complaints from honest Pokemon GO players might finally be getting addressed by Niantic. The mobile ARG title has long suffered from a number of players using location exploits, frequently with the intent to access region-specific Pokemon that they would otherwise never be able to acquire. Now, however, Pokemon GO‘s “spoofer” epidemic might be coming to an end – Niantic’s latest update has included a warning message to players using location-changing technology, warning trainers that continued use could result in the banning of their accounts.

The message, which is rather lengthy, suggests that Niantic is not able to differentiate between which third-party software is being used by players at this time, but the developer does “strongly encourage” gamers to stop using such technology. With Generation 3 coming to Pokemon GO in the near future, Niantic might want to crack down on cheaters before younger players might be enticed into playing thanks to the inclusion of more recent Pokemon. The full message, as it appears in the Pokemon GO app, can be seen below:

Pokemon GO has been making a lot of changes recently, and these alterations have come at an accelerated pace compared to the usual glacial speed with which Niantic addresses the game’s issues. The new spoofer warning has been reported globally, which means that Niantic has likely put a new pattern-based detection algorithm within Pokemon GO‘s code – although no bans have surfaced from it since the new warning appeared, it is likely Niantic now has a better idea of who is using third-party software against the game’s terms of service, meaning that a rash of new bans could come sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, despite the setbacks experienced by Niantic during the ill-fated Pokemon GO festival that saw lawsuits, server outages, and thousands of angry fans, the developer has recently committed to two more US-based events in the near future. Neither of the newly announced Pokemon GO US events will be on the same scale as the attempted Pokemon GO Fest, but they represent yet another attempt by the game’s community to make it a culture all of its own. Niantic’s decision to address cheating more thoroughly should go a long way in protecting the Pokemon GO community as it continues to grow.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Source: PokemonGOHub

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