Pokemon GO Grants Extra Premier Ball to Combat Glitch

Although Pokemon GO continues to be a mobile juggernaut, the game has been on the hot seat as of late thanks to what appears to be an uptick in glitches and in-game issues. The game is currently in the midst of new Legendary Raids, events that give players a chance at catching some of the rarer Pokemon including the recently released Zapdos. A recent bug which prevents the last Premier Ball from catching the raid boss continues to be a thorn for players while Niantic works on a permanent solution. In the meantime however, a temporary fix has been added instead.

In an update on its Pokemon GO support page, Niantic confirms that the premier ball glitch is real and that the developer continues to work on a solution to the problem. For now, every player is temporarily getting an extra Premier Ball in the Bonus Challenge to make up for what is essentially a wasted Premier Ball slot. It’s likely Niantic will continue this policy of handing out an extra ball until the glitch is ultimately fixed for good.

What makes this issue standout is that these Premier Balls are exclusive to multiplayer Raid Battles. When inside these events, players only have a limited number of them to use on the raid boss, so essentially having one that is guaranteed to fail is a major problem. The issue is highlighted even more thanks to the inclusion of legendary Pokemon like Moltres and Zapdos, which are typically even more rare and difficult to capture anyway.

As players have discovered over these past few weeks, the amount of Premier Balls available at the end of each raid varies, so losing one to the glitch certainly hurts. Thankfully, the amount of Premier Balls earned during the battle can be affected by a few different variables including personal damage and team contribution. For the complete list of factors including some tips, make sure to check out our Premier Ball guide.

Pokemon GO is available now on Android and iOS.

Source: Niantic

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