Overwatch Reveals Win Rates for Attack and Defend on Each Map

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan just dumped a bunch of statistics in the Battle.net community message boards showing off the win rates of all the Overwatch Assault, Escort, and hybrid map types. Kaplan’s post was in response to frequent complaints within the Overwatch community that the game is not balanced.

A quick look at the statistics shows that most of the Attack and Escort maps are shockingly well balanced. That being said, the data is taken from Quick Play sessions and only shows matches that took place between May 14th and July 12th of 2017.

Most maps show a slight favor for defenders winning, but even these don’t see defense win rates as high as 51%, and attack win rates stay above 49%, with a couple exceptions. Watchpoint Gibraltar and King’s Row are closely balanced, but actually have a higher win rate for attackers. Then there are Eichenwalde and Horizon, which are less balanced than the rest of the maps. Here is Kaplan’s data:

Hanamura: Attack 49.79%, Defense 50.21%
Horizon: Attack 54.50%, Defense 45.50%
Temple of Anubis: Attack 49.92%, Defense 50.08%
Volskaya: Attack 49.76%, Defense 50.24%
Eichenwalde: Attack 46.13%, Defense 53.87%
Hollywood: Attack 49.91%, Defense 50.09%
King’s Row: Attack 50.14%, Defense 49.86%
Numbani: Attack 49.40%, Defense 50.60%
Dorado: Attack 49.66%, Defense 50.34%
Route 66: Attack: 49.94%, Defense 50.06%
Watchpoint: Gibraltar: Attack 50.13%, Defense 49.87%

This data points out a few things. The first is that Overwatch has incredibly well balanced maps for the most part. Since Blizzard tries to make teams evenly balanced, seeing such close win rates on most maps suggests that the team is succeeding and that maps aren’t shifting the balance. The only major outliers are Horizon and Eichenwalde, which are two of the newer maps in the game.

In the cases of Eichenwalde and Horizon, the win rates for attackers and defenders are still within 10% of each other. Eichenwalde has already seen changes aimed at making attack slightly easier. Horizon is the newest Assault Map in the game, and will undoubtedly see changes that balance it further.

Blizzard appears committed to keeping Overwatch balanced. With the standings of its current maps, and the balancing changes to Overwatch characters, it’s clear that there is always something being done to improve the game experience for the most players.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Battle.net via PVPLive

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