Overwatch Fan Builds Massive D.Va Mech Suit

A dedicated Overwatch fan and father has built a nearly 1:1 life-size D.Va MEKA suit for his daughter in preparation for an upcoming convention. That’s not to say he has created a fully functioning robotic MEKA, but it’s certainly as close as one might ever expect to see in a Dragon Con parade.

The MEKA construction is fully capable of wheeled movement, has spinning reproductions of the MEKA’s guns, moving arms, speakers for voice lines, and spews fog in a faux-Self Destruct. Even D.Va might mistake it for her own MEKA.

The creator of this unbelievable cosplay, if it can even be considered cosplay at this point, is named Mike Carambat AKA retroresource. His daughter is a big D.Va fan and is cosplaying as her during a couple upcoming conventions, so Carambat, a big fans of cosplay himself, went the extra mile. He says that he spent about 6 months building the MEKA, mostly out of wood, pink foam insulation, spray foam, and with a vinyl spackle coating.

As impressive as Carambat’s project already is, he says there are a “hundred things” he’d like to enhance, but he’s just run out of time. The MEKA’s first showing will be this weekend at MechaCon, a 3-day anime convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. Later he and his daughter will also attend Dragon Con in September in Atlanta, participating in the annual parade. They’re certain to be a highlight at both events.

All in all, Carambat believes that he spent upwards of $1000 on his D.Va MEKA, but he says there are a lot of bells and whistles:

“It does quite a lot actually… the four thrusters blow smoke and strobe, the arms move up and down with the control yokes, the torso can turn which is also the steering mechanism, ‘walks’ with variable speed control and reverse, the guns spin, light and the light circlets change color when firing, six exterior spot lights and internal cab lighting, has a 120 watt slamming sound system with D.Va voice overs and sound effects mixer, and a hydraulic assist rear hatch so D.Va can get out easily, and a cooling fan for the pilot. :)”

In addition to the short video that shows off the final MEKA with its fresh coat of paint, Carambat has made a playlist of demo videos showcasing various functionality for the vehicle. Hopefully he’ll be able to publish some footage from MechaCon after this weekend, too.

There’s something about Overwatch that really brings out some of the most talented cosplay artists in the convention circuit. Whether it’s a life-sized Reinhardt cosplay, highly detailed Genji and Mercy cosplays replete with dragon sword or wings, or the dozens of Hanzo cosplays, the Overwatch community continues to deliver high quality work.

Overwatch is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Reddit

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