No Man’s Sky Updated Again

Hello Games is turning a new leaf with No Man’s Sky, attempting to deliver on past promises with the recent launch of the Atlas Rises update that includes over 30 hours of story, reconstructed and expanded core features, and the beginning stages of a multiplayer experience. With an overhaul of such a size, there comes a variety of glitches and bugs that need to be addressed. The latest update for PC and PlayStation 4 aims to tackle a number of those issues.

No Man’s Sky update 1.33 introduces a slew of improvements that enhance overall gameplay quality. Such tweaks include updated audio at the ending of the Atlas path, throughout terrain editing, and within missions; improvements to vehicle boost timings; better binocular scanning; cleaned-up texture grading; and fixes for grave and landing markers. The patch also features more intricate changes to No Man’s Sky‘s procedural generation algorithms, the most notable of which is preventing trees in frozen biomes from spawning in areas close to buildings or completely intersecting and clipping through buildings.

The full list of patch notes can be found on the official No Man’s Sky website, and below is a sampling of what’s included in the 1.33 update.

  • Fixed Albumen Pearl plants using the wrong name on their interaction labels
  • Fixed issue where travelling through the centre of the galaxy could sometimes take you back to the same galaxy
  • Fixed issue where mission waypoints on the galactic map would not be for your current mission
  • Improved UI error messages relating to missions on the galactic map
  • Improved ship speed output on ship HUD
  • Increased guidance for finding Convergence Cubes as part of the scientist mission
  • Fixed galactic map showing joypad prompts for changing filters when playing on mouse and keyboard
  • Fixed issue where players could lose the teleport destination they needed to complete the Mind Arc mission
  • Fixed players getting stuck in an interaction with the armourer if they hadn’t yet built a terminal
  • Fix for visual artifacts from transparent objects showing through the warp effect
  • Reduced cases where terrain editing changes are lost when reloading a save
  • Reduced difficulty of the final armourer mission
  • Improved low flight mode handling
  • Fixed crash in string translation when loading certain saves
  • Added missing scan event icon to the Antimatter tutorial

no mans sky update new patch

Given that this is the third patch since Atlas Rises was released a week and a half ago, it seems evident that Hello Games is picking up speed on updating No Man’s Sky — a fantastic move considering the rocky reputation the title has held in recent months. Upon launch, No Man’s Sky was hit with a wave of criticism noting that the game didn’t live up to what was advertised. The situation grew so intense, Hello Games was embroiled in a lawsuit that alleged it used false advertising in No Man’s Sky. Not long after, the title’s active player base dropped by a staggering 90 percent less than two weeks after its release.

Now, many have considered game’s multiplayer experience to be a promising start, and have expressed their surprised satisfaction with how No Man’s Sky looks and feels thanks to the new update. Though No Man’s Sky arrived to its own party a year behind schedule, it doesn’t appear that it’s too little, too late for the action-adventure title.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PC and PlayStation 4.

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