Metroid, Mario Cars Coming to Rocket League on Nintendo Switch

With more than 33 million players and counting, Rocket League is without a doubt one of the most popular and thoroughly enjoyable gaming experiences one can have in this day and age, and the soccer/racing hybrid sports game is set to keep the good times rolling on its Nintendo Switch version. In order to do so, Psyonix has now announced that it will add cars themed after Metroid and Super Mario on the title’s port for the Big N’s latest console.

As seen below in the trailer for Rocket League‘s new Nintendo Switch cars, fans will be privy to two vehicles from the Super Mario world, with Mario NSR and Luigi NSR Battle-Cars coming with a specialized rocket boost called Super Star. Metroid‘s Samus Gunship Battle-Car, which comes in two variations based on Samus’ Varia Suits, will also get a unique boost called Wave Beam. Each of the aforementioned cars will be coming this holiday 2017.

Psyonix made sure to state that all three cars will be available for free as special unlockables in the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League. The developer said that players will earn them “in-game by completing certain requirements,” with the studio promising more details to come in the future. As far as the Super Mario cars are concerned, though, Psyonix explained, “Whether or not players use the Mario or Luigi NSR will depend on which team color they select before the match — Mario for the Orange team and Luigi for the Blue team.”

Ever since it was confirmed during E3 2017 that Rocket League would be coming to the Nintendo Switch, fans of the sports game have been excited to see what kind of exclusive items will be available on the platform, and the Metroid and Mario cars are likely just the beginning. Psyonix has also said that Mario and Luigi-themed car toppers will also be available as cosmetics in the Switch version, so it will be interesting to see what other Big N franchises are eventually given their due in Rocket League too.

Rocket League is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and it launches on Nintendo Switch sometime this holiday 2017.

Source: Rocket League – YouTube

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