Electronic Arts Has Two Surprise Games Slated for E3 2017

Electronic Arts has released the line-up of games that the publisher plans on showing during E3 2017, omitting at least two likely as-yet unannounced projects. Six games or franchises were featured in EA’s line-up, all of which have previously been confirmed for E3 2017: Battlefront 2, Need For Speed: Payback, Battlefield 1, FIFA, Madden, and NBA Live. However, the headline of the press release clearly reads, “Eight Games and More Surprises.”

Speculation is naturally running rampant regarding exactly what two games Electronic Arts might be hiding, but the truth is that both have likely already been hinted at. Josef Fares, creator of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, hinted on Twitter that his studio Hazelight’s first game might be at the event. Hazelight’s first game just happens to be published by EA. The second game might be BioWare’s new IP, reportedly codenamed Dylan. EA’s pushed Dylan’s official launch to FY 2019, but mentioned that the game could still be revealed at E3.

Hazelight and BioWare’s games are what most would expect EA to announce at E3, but there are certainly differing opinions. After all, Hazelight’s project will be a smaller game and BioWare’s project won’t be out for some time. EA could very well have two different projects that would benefit more from an E3 showcase.

There are some other potential theories as to what EA might have in store for E3. The publisher has two previously announced indie games that it’s publishing, Fe and Sea of Solitude. Neither game has gotten much attention in recent months and E3 would be a great opportunity to let them shine. Alternatively, EA could unveil one of its currently-in-development Star Wars titles. Visceral’s action-shooter was planned for 2018, which could make it just as likely as Dylan, but Respawn’s game is probably too far off. Alternatively, maybe EA has a surprise no one would otherwise expect.

As for EA’s, “More Surprises,” comment, it’s likely referring either to an assortment of DLC announcements, business partnership reveals, or celebrities that’ll be brought on-stage. If they can get Ronaldo, who’s adorning the FIFA 18 box art, then that’d be a big reveal in its own right.

Stay tuned for Electronic Arts’ E3 showcase June 10 at noon PT, where all eight games will be revealed.

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