EA Exec Sees ‘No Reason’ Not to Make a New Mass Effect

Just a few days ago, BioWare confirmed that Mass Effect: Andromeda would not be getting any more single player updates. The disappointing news followed poor critical reception to the game, which released in March, and it spawned questions of whether the science fiction franchise is dead.

But recent comments from EA’s executive vice president Patrick Soderlund suggest that the series is very much poised to continue, despite Mass Effect: Andromeda launching with a thud. During an interview at gamescom 2017, the EA executive responded directly to concerns that the franchise is dead, saying, “I see no reason why we shouldn’t come back to Mass Effect. Why not? It’s a spectacular universe, it’s a loved [series], it has a big fan base, and it’s a game that has done a lot for EA and for BioWare.”

Calling Mass Effect: Andromeda a “great game,” Soderlund also admits that “there were some things that maybe we could have done better.” However, the executive says that with everything in the game today, it is “a game worth buying” and that in his personal opinion, “The game got criticized a little bit more than it deserved.” It’s unclear which specific criticisms Soderlund feels were unfair, but as BioWare has updated the title’s facial animations after they were lambasted at launch, this may be what the executive is referring to.

Additionally, Soderlund identified some key points for BioWare to keep in mind for the next Mass Effect game. “Whenever we bring Mass Effect back again, we have to make sure that we bring it back in a really [relevant] way, and in a fresh, exciting place,” he said. Soderlund then also warned that the team must take a “careful” approach to this.

As Soderlund said that the team doesn’t know what the future of Mass Effect looks like just yet, it could be a while until that fresh and exciting series revamp becomes available for fans. The Mass Effect: Andromeda team has been downsized and shifted to (Star Wars Battlefront 2 developer) EA Motive, so EA would need to go on a hiring spree or figure out which team is going to take on development duties next.

EA is also gathering feedback about Andromeda, asking fans what went wrong (and right) with the game. This feedback will also be invaluable to the team at BioWare in order for it to make the next game in the sci-fi series as relevant as Soderlund and the series’ fans will hope.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: GameReactor

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