Destiny 2 Does Not Have Free-For-All Rumble Playlist

As Destiny 2 looks to expand the content from Destiny 1 in multiple ways, the game will be actually losing a much-loved game mode in its PvP, as it’s dropping the free-for-all Rumble playlist. Destiny 2’s PvP will be completely 4v4, thus eliminating any modes from the original that do not match that setup.

Bungie’s community manager, David Dague (aka DeeJ), told IGN’s Destiny podcast that Rumble did not make the cut for Destiny 2:

“For now, Rumble is gone. The Crucible is unified as a 4v4 engagement. […] Destiny is in many respects a cooperative experience. We want the Crucible to be where teams of players come together to fight together.”

That’s sure to be bad news for some who loved the mode, but Bungie is making it very clear that, at least at the launch of Destiny 2, the focus is on a more classic 4v4 game modes. It is likely hard for some to accept the fact, however, that the game is leaving out a mode that is fairly standard for first person shooters, even ones that also maintain other more team-focused playlists.

DeeJ appeared to leave it open to the fact that Rumble could always be added in the future, but it appears for the time being that there are no plans to do so. The focus for PvP in Destiny 2, so it seems, is on more objective modes like the new Countdown, the bomb-planting attack-and-defend mode.

Considering Destiny 1’s heavy emphasis of 3v3 and 6v6 battles, Bungie has yet to say what the fate of those other playlists like Clash, Skirmish, Rift, and Control are in Destiny 2. Some of those modes could easily transfer to 4v4 from 6v6. When it boils down to it, Clash is team deathmatch, Skirmish is a small team deathmatch with revives, and something like Rift of Control could still work with smaller team sizes.

The Beta is expected to only include Countdown, so it’s unknown when we might get more answers about these other playlists. But considering this news, it will definitely be something fans will want to keep their eyes on.

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Destiny 2 launches on PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017, and on October 24, 2017 for PC.

Source: IGN

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