Conan O’Brien and Will Arnett Trade Punches and Insults in Nintendo’s ARMS

Despite knowing very little about video games (and fully admitting to this fact), late night television host Conan O’Brien makes some of the funnier videos about them through a reoccurring segment titled Clueless Gamer. This particular portion of the talkshow Conan is said to have a standalone show based on Clueless Gamer in the works, but that didn’t appear to impede the current segment as O’Brien invited actor Will Arnett on to duke it out in ARMS for the Nintendo Switch.

Conan wastes little time in hurling insults at Arnett, with the guest quickly responding with zingers of his own. The end result is another laugh-out-loud bit that doesn’t feel at all scripted, which has always been the charm of the ongoing series. Those hoping to see O’Brian and Arnett lob extendable ligaments at one another in ARMS can do so below.

Conan has continued to build upon Clueless Gamer through his own wit and a revolving door of celebrity guests, much to the delight of casual viewers and dedicated gamers alike. ARMS is just the latest game featured, although O’Brien recently tackled Wilson’s Heart through the virtual reality-focused Oculus Rift headset – which provided comparable comedy for viewers.

At this point it’s hard to tell which video game the comedian will be tackling next, but with hotly anticipated releases like Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy and even another Nintendo exclusive in the form of Splatoon 2 on the very near horizon, there are certainly no shortage of options for the Clueless Gamer team to focus on next. For now, however, fans have this segment to enjoy.

ARMS is currently available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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