Blizzard Unannounced Shooter Hinted at in Job Listings

Blizzard could be working on an unannounced shooter according to several job listings. The company already has a huge first-person shooter hit on its hands with Overwatch, its fastest-growing franchise launch ever.

As spotted by eagle-eyed fans, Blizzard recently added a few new job listings to its careers page. Hiring for an “unannounced project” at its Irvine studio, the listings offer quite a few clues at what this new game may be. One listing is for a Lead Software Engineer “to work on an unannounced project that utilizes a robust first-person engine,” with previous experience working on “first-person or other action-oriented games” being a “plus” for the developer. Another listing for a Lead Software Engine for tools has similar information.

There is also a job listing for a Senior Technical Artist for animation. The hired artist will “create rigs and tools for animating a wide range of characters and creatures” and “guide modelers and animators in the creation of this ensemble, supporting the crisp gameplay and stunning visuals that are hallmarks of Blizzard’s work.” It’s a “plus” if the artist has worked on games in a first-person perspective.

The fact that these positions want people with first-person experience suggests that these are not connected to Blizzard’s mobile Warcraft game, which is also being made at the developer’s Irvine studio. Granted, the developer is known for shaking up genres, but a mobile game in first-person would be a bit too outlandish, even for Blizzard.

It also seems unlikely that the project is related to Blizzard’s existing first-person game, Overwatch. Overwatch fans are eager for more lore-related content (which Blizzard is set to deliver soon), so some kind of narrative gameplay expansion would make business sense. Blizzard could certainly make bank from such a DLC release.

However, the mention of “creatures” in the job listings seems to suggest that the unannounced project is nothing to do with Overwatch whatsoever. Super-smart gorilla Winston isn’t exactly a “creature” and Overwatch may have just added a map on the moon, complete with sci-fi sound effects, but again, it seems unlikely that Blizzard is about to introduce alien creatures to the game in some capacity. Any new Overwatch content would likely use its existing engine too, and so the engine-related hires are odd.

If it is a totally new shooter, the big question is how will Blizzard make sure that it doesn’t compete with Overwatch. The multiplayer game is making bank for the company right now, so it will want to tread very carefully so that it doesn’t disrupt its big money-maker.

Blizzard‘s Overwatch is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: NeoGAF

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